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KTAO Project Voting Strategy Put On Hold

Below you'll find info on the original KTAO Project plan and voting strategy. As stated on the home page, this plan has to be put on hold because we now have a President who "really wants to drain the swamp," which is the whole point of the KTAO Project.  We've never had a President who actually wanted to do this before now.  President Trump has totally changed the dynamic so all bets are off.

Trump has created a situation where it actually makes a significant difference whether Democrats or Republican control Congress. Trump has managed to fully expose the fact that Democrats do not want our country to be great. In unprecedented efforts to resist and oppose Trump, Democrats have been forced to display their true character and intent to sell us all out to collects/socialist global interests.

Prior to Trump a smoke screen existed where many RINOs (Republicans in name only) could hide while they sold us out to the same globalist interests. But now, Republicans are having to face the fact that there is no where to hide anymore. They are finding they have to make a choice to support Trump or leave. Many have already jumped ship, are not running for reelection. Republicans are finding they simply cannot embrace the lunacy of the Left in opposing Trump and survive in office. So the only choice now is to provide Trump with as much help in Congress as we can give him. Democrats have made it clear they will not help him in any way, shape or form. Right now, Trump will have leverage with Republicans. We need to help get as many Republicans into office as we can in the upcoming elections.

See more detailed reason why the KTAO Project strategy has been put on hold HERE.


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