How Can This Work With So Much Vote Tampering Going On?

This is another question that’s a concern about something that’s already happening. No matter what we do, they are going to mess with the results. The truth is, they have been doing it for a long time, long before the electronic machines came along. thousands, upon thousands of paper ballots are routinely tossed every election all across the country for one reason or another. So this is nothing new.

The question should be, if we know they are going to be tampering, how can we prevent them from benefiting from it?  The way to prevent them from benefiting from their tampering is to orchestrate landslide elections against every incumbent.  Vote tampering cannot stop landslide elections.   They'd simply have to throw too many votes and it would absolutely expose what they were doing to everyone. 

The fact of the matter is, according to groups like Black Box Voting, they estimate that voting machines are rigged to throw roughly 3-5% of the votes one way or the other.  So the good news is 95% of our votes are actually counted accurately.   The whole tampering scheme only works when elections are close, which is why they try to make them all very, very close  races.

There’s no way they could tamper with the outcome if we all decided to go to the polls for one reason this time and one reason only.  To vote out incumbents.  Period. We just have to vote for their strongest competitors to make sure they get the boot.   Landslide elections against all incumbents would absolutely deny those tampering with our elections any say over the outcome. 

And don't worry about whether or not we just elect a bunch that are just as rotten because if we do this, if we fire Congress, the new freshman Congress will have to deal with something no Congress has ever had to deal with in our history, the knowledge that the American people just FIRED everyone that came before them.  We will have proven we are not going to put up with this crap anymore and the new Congress will know it!  So they will be far more likely to do the job we've hired them to do.  The reason we are no longer represented in our government is primarily due to the fact that we have no power over it.  Until we cast our votes in a way that will be FELT, we have no power. 

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