How Will The Government Run If We Lose All The Experienced People?

Most of our government is “run” by bureaucrats, not our members of Congress. The Congress is the legislative branch of government, mainly responsible for writing laws, setting policies and creating the budgets for running our government. The founding fathers never intended the Congress to be loaded with “experienced politicians.” It’s supposed to be a “representative” branch of our government, of ordinary people, by ordinary people and for ordinary people. And it’s supposed to have a lot of turnover.

If our representatives obeyed the law of the land, the Constitution, the Federal Government would not have grown to the size it has and have it's hands into every area of our lives.  The Constitution was written specifically to "limit' the size and power of the federal government.   Most power is supposed to reside on the state level.

The fact of the matter is most of legislation being cranked out of our Federal government is written by powerful corporate interests in order to make whatever they wish to do legal.  It has NOTHING to do with the "peoples" business and protecting and defending our Constitutional rights.  If we eliminated powerful private interest control of government and reigned in the size and role of the Federal Government to Constitutionally allowed proportions, our representatives wouldn't be buried in a mountain of unnecessary and harmful legislation that only serves private special interests.
 The fact of the matter is our government isn't working properly now, even with all the so-called "experienced people" you're so worried about.  And it’s another fear about something that’s already happening. Our government is so broken, so corrupt; it's nothing but corporate cronyism at this point. The "experienced" people we have in there now are selling us out as fast as they possibly can before too many of us wake up to what they are actually doing.

Our "experienced" representatives are only experienced at exploiting the legislative process so their corporate controllers can continue to produce legislation that makes whatever crime they wish to commit legal. We don't want people with that kind of experience representing us anymore do we? We set up governments and hire representatives to look out for OUR best interests not to learn how to do the bidding of the powerful special interests. What we need are people that are willing to learn what their job is really supposed to be. Right now, government has grown as large as it has simply because it's doing a lot of things it shouldn't be doing, most of which doesn't serve the public interest. Most of it protects and ensures corporate interests.

Every one of our representatives should be required to attend orientation classes for the first few months in office where they will learn exactly what it is their job is. Right now, you throw someone new into the Congress and rely on the criminals to do all the training. It's nuts. Even corporations make new hires attend orientation so they know exactly what their job is and what's expected of them. Why should serving in Congress be any different? In any ordinary job, if you don't perform you duties as outlined in your orientation you get fired don't you? Another misunderstanding many people have about this point is that the Congress doesn’t run the government. It’s the legislative branch, primarily responsible for writing laws, and allocating resources thought annual budgets. There is a whole other level of government bureaucracy that runs the day-to-day operations of our government. And in my humble opinion, it wouldn’t be a bad thing if we had a moratorium on new legislation for a while. Ninety Nine percent of it only benefits the corporations that write it all at this point anyway. We would be much better off if we demanded that all the new people we hire spend the next several terms cleaning up the mess corporations have been allowed to create. We’d be far better off if our representatives repealed a huge portion of the legislation passed over the last 50 years! So the main point here is we don't need the kind of "experienced" people we have now. In fact, we need to get rid of them as fast as we possibly can.

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