How Do We Know We Won't Just Be Electing More Bad People . . . More Of The Same?

This is really a mindless fear.  But I hear it over and over.  What is really being asked is, “what if we do this and nothing turns out any different?”  So what’s the big fear?  The thing you are so worried about is nothing will change.  What is so scary about that?  We're all used to that outcome.  Why should that stop us from trying to make a sweeping change to see if will make a difference? 

This fear that nothing will changes is just one possible outcome.   The other side of the coin is, what if it makes a huge difference?  If the worst that could happen is nothing changes, well, what do we have to lose?

This really isn’t a critical issue.  If we set a precedent by firing them all, the whole notion that politics is a path to wealth and power will experience a lethal blow.  As Jefferson said to a friend who was all concerned about how to get only good people into Congress:

Speak to me not of good men.  Rather let us bind men down with the chains of the Constitution.

I’m just amazed that so many people think there’s some way to make sure only good people get into government.  Most all the people in there now got in there because they LIE about their values and what they believe in.  I’d be willing to wager that a lot of people running now that seem to be all for restoring the Constitution are simply opportunists embracing whatever people want to hear in order to get into office.   Jefferson and all the founding fathers knew full well there’s no way to prevent rotten people from getting into office.  And there’s no way to prevent good people from doing stupid things.  So they deliberately wrote the constitution to severely limit the role of the Federal Government.  If we simply demanded that the government comply with the Constitution, their power to tax and regulate would be severely restricted so no man or woman, good or bad, could do too much damage.
The sad fact is that human beings are easily corrupted.  I’ve seen with my own eyes, someone I had thought to be a good person suddenly turn into one of the most corrupt people I know simply because he started making tons of money and was “the president” of his company and people fawned all over him.  It’s just not possible to control such things.  That’s why we’re in the mess we’re in.  It’s not just the most rotten people at the top that have made it all happen.  There are millions upon millions of “us” that turn a blind eye to it all, or are taking a piece of the pie for themselves.  

If we end the notion that you can snag a seat in Congress and turn it into your own little seat of power, then this will go a long way towards letting criminal minded people know that politics is no longer a gravy train.  We can do this by simply never electing incumbents.  Turnover every two years.  You’ll see a major decline in scumbags running for office if we do this enough times.  Criminals will seek other easier avenues to rape and pillage.   But again, if we demand the rule of law, the Constitution be followed, even if a bad person gets into office, they will be chained down by those laws. 

So the goal of what we’re trying to do is not make sure only good people get elected.   It’s to eliminate private interested control of Congress, restore our Constitutional Republic and impose penalties for violating the Constitution.   Then start dismantling the behemoth that  the Federal Government has become and return most of the power of government to the state level were it’ supposed to be.

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